Sunday, July 31, 2011

The Great Debate

The following is an example of the typical conversation I have with myself every other day in the summer heat of Houston.

Lazy Me:  You don't want to run outside in this heat.
Less Lazy Me:  Tell me something I don't know.
Lazy Me:  Um, what's on TV?
Less Lazy Me:  That's your solution to everything.
Lazy:  Food network?
LLM: You're trying to distract.
Lazy: You ate terribly the other day.  You are not going to run well.  Plants versus Zombies?
LLM: I don't need to stay distracted.  I need to get focused.
Lazy:  Have you thought about doing laundry?  You have laundry you could do.  That'd be productive.
LLM: Training first.
Lazy:  What about setting up the calendar for the fall play?  You could always do that.
LLM:  I need to get out there and run.
Lazy:  Other people don't run.  They don't run and they're happy.  Ask them.
LLM:  Other people also have metabolisms that work. 
Lazy:  Yours works.
LLM: Not so much there. Mine works on occasion.
Lazy:  Still counts.  Stay inside.  There's a bike.  You could do that spin class thing.
LLM:  I need to get out on the track.
Lazy:  Triple digits.  The temperature is in triple digits.
LLM:  Houston.
Lazy:  Well now, how long are you going to keep this up?
LLM:  Keep what up?
Lazy:  The running thing, the healthy thing.
LLM:  Excuse me?
Lazy:  That's not you.  You're about bacon and buttered pecan.
LLM:  That was actually my old nickname, I think.
Lazy:  Running? You get tired and stop.  Your back gets tight.
LLM: And the point is?.
LAZY:  You're terrible at running.
LLM:   I am not.
Lazy: Well you aren't good.
LLM:  That's friendly.  I am on my way.
LAZY:  ...But you could play guitar, go to lunch with a friend, do whatever you want.  Why run?
LLM:  I like it.
Lazy:  Are you sure?
LLM:  I am today.
LAZY:  Because you didn't do it for a while after the last run.
LLM: I got distracted.  Now I'm better.
Lazy:  Well, fine.  Just know that the creme brulee and the gumbo aren't going to eat themselves.
LLM:  I think there will be a few items of food left.
LAZY:  One last time.  The couch is comfortable and the weather outside is painful.  I mean, I heard that people are able to fry bacon in the window sills right now --that's how hot it is.
LLM:  Houston.  Get over it. 
Lazy:  So you're really going to do it.
LLM:  I am running.
Lazy:  Rats.  ...I'll try again tomorrow.
LLM: Good effort.

Weekly report: (Lost 2 lbs.)   Ran a few times, walked a few times, swam, cycled, and tried P 90 again.  Currently, P 90 is really about P 5 and a 1/2 ...X.   Truly, it's a killer.  I hurt my back a bit after the Plyo.  Still, I was on the Team Beachbody website and saw so many success stories that I feel like I need to continue trying the darn workouts. They are insane, but there is a lot of proof that the program works.

I have the Bridgeland Triathlon this weekend.  This time around  I have simple goals --to survive the swim without getting kicked in the face, to cycle with clips,  and to have a more solid run at the end --something I did not do last year.


  1. At least you have such conversations... I can't remember the last time I even did that!

  2. I think you should put "to spite others" on your vote....or would that be under "revenge on your enemies"? lol

  3. I tagged you in a meme. Come to my blog and see. Love you Dan!